Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Diet system for Health

Hello friends,

I was recently on my annual pilgrimage to Ahmedabad for a darshan of my Gurudev Shri Asharam Bapu.

Whenever, I go there, I learn a few things. This time too I have learnt some things which will benefit a vast majority of our boys.

If you have any of the following illness, I would suggest you read the following post on our blog.

• Acidity

• Colitis

• Cancer

• Arthritis

• Ear & Eye Diseases

• Migraine

• Indigestion

• High BP

• Jaundice

• Malarial fever

• Obesity and over weight

• Thyroid

• Constipation

• Leprosy

• Cholesterol

• Overweight or Underweight

• Ulcer

• T.B.

• Eczema

• Elephantiasis

• Anemia

• Asthma

• Bleeding piles

• Enlarged Prostrate

• Bronchitis

• Burning of the feet

• Calculi

• Conjunctivitis

• Psoriasis

• Skin Diseases

• Triglyceride

• Diabetes

There are no medicines, no strenuous exercises or yoga poises or morning and evening walks or laughing like hyenas in the park in early mornings throwing your hands all around.

Just diet and that too you are not to go hungry for days on end. Neither do you have to undergo surgery to tuck in your stomach.

The only condition is you have to be a vegetarian. No meat, fish or eggs and also no milk in any form, not even as curds or cheese or paneer or in India sweets.

In spite of the above restriction if you are ready to improve your health, read on.

The diet is made on the premise that God has made the human body fit to eat a vegetarian diet and that also to eat green vegetables.

However, in our endeavour to expedite everything we have started cooking everything and destroying everything. Further, just as all machines require idle time to recoup the human body requires rest. Yes, we do sleep but during sleep our digestive system continues to work.

In India we have introduced fasting in our religion when we are supposed to fast on Ekadashi, i.e the 11th day after the new moon and full moon. Unfortunately very few Indians (Including myself) nowadays do the fasting on Ekadashi. However, that has now changed for me.

The Muslims too have incorporated fasting in their religion during the month of Ramzan. This is to accustom their body to hardship in case they have to face such a situation in which they do not get anything to eat.

The diet consists of fasting up 12.00 noon. During this time you do not take anything, including water.

From 12.00 noon you can drink vegetable juice.

The juice can be made with a combination of any of the following vegetables according to your taste.

Carrot, Cucumber, Radish, Tomatoes, Tindora (ivy gourd), Cabbage, Leaves of carrot, Beet root and its leaves, Galka, Bottle Gourd (Dudhi), Turia, Ladies finger (Bhindi), Brinjal, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Kolu, Padval, Spinach (Palak), Fenugreek leaves (Methi), Coriander leaves (Dhania), Bilipatra, sacred grass(Durva/Dharo), Alfaalfa (Rajko) or any eatable vegetables and leaf locally available.

Presently we are using Lauki (bottle gourd),Pattagobi (cauliflower),Palak (Spinach),Khira (Cucumber) Dhaniapatta (coriander leaves), Pudina (Mint), Adarak (ginger), and Nimbu (Lime) to make the juice and adding some rock salt for taste.

We make two or three glasses per person so that it can be drunk at one to two hours interval. I also eat cucumber and Bhindi (ladies finger), or sprouted Chana, Mung, Soyabean, cucumber, tomato salad ,in between, if hungry.

You can make prouts with any of the following grains.

Alfalfa seeds(rajko), barley (jav), chickpeas (desi chana), corn (makai), fenugreek (methi), lentils,mung, beans(val), peas (vatana), soya beans, various legumes such as rajma, urad, vaal, desi chana, kabuli chana, toor, moong, matar, etc

From 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm, you can eat any combination of the following seasonal fruits

Apple, Orange, Sapota (Chickoo), Banana, Grapes, Papaya, Pineapple, Custard apple(Sitaphal), Strawberry, Cherry, Watermelon, Musk melon (sakkar teti), Pomegranate(Dadam), Avocado, Guava (Jamphal), Pear (naspati), Peach, Mango, Almond (badam), Cashew nut (kaju), Apricot (jardalu), Dates (khajoor), Dry dates (Khareek), Walnut (akhrot), Pistachio Nuts (Pista), Fig (anjeer), Blueberry (Phalsa), Green berry (bor), Star fruit (kamrakh), Raisins (Kishmish) etc.

We are presently taking apples, bananas, guavas, papayas and mangoes.

Since we are habituated to eating some grains, an allowance has been made by allowing us to eat cooked food and grains at night but the proportion of 70/30, i.e. 70 % cooked vegetables and 30% grains in the form of chapattis or rice.

We are veggies as such and so have no problem in giving up meat but we have also given up cow/buffalo milk. Instead, we take soyabean milk which we make ourselves. I won’t explain how we make this as there are many sites which gives you the nitty gritty of making soya milk.

Now the best part. This is part of the diet system.

To clean your bowels, you take enema, once in the morning and once in the initial stages for about three month until you large intestine is cleared of the shit you have accumulated since you were born. Then you can do once a week and then once a month or after returning from a marriage party.

I have set up the contraption as shown in the picture attached which is very convenient for taking enema at home. Now, no more sitting on the commode for long periods using force. Within five minutes we are finished. And the best part is that we old people are accused of emitting copious quantities of gases. This has reduced all that embarrassment.

This diet system has been developed and promoted by one Mr. B V Chawhan in Gujarat, retired Electrical Engineer of G E B.You can read more abut the system on his site http://www.newdiet4health.org/default.htm

Why have I been converted to this system?

In Gujarat I have come across many people who have benefitted from it.

One old friend, aged 93 years had been suffering from Diabetes for the last 15 years. He had even lost his eue sight because of Diabetes. He also had High BP and enlarged prostrate.

Within three months of following the system, his sugar and BP had come within normal limits and his prostrate had reduced in size.

He has stopped taking medicines, under the advise of the doctor.

My Fasting sugar, with medicine Volibo .3M, was 110 on the 9th after coming back from Ahmedabad.

After one week of adopting the system, on the 15th, it had become 93 with the same medicine.

I have medicine for two more weeks. If it reduces further, I too will stop medication after discussing with my doctor.


Rudra Roychoudhury said...

Very difficult suggestions.

sharma1965 said...

Yes, I know it is slightly difficult, especially if you are a non-veg but if anyone wants to reduce his weight and get rid of diabetes and other ailments, this is the best solution.
Your weight reduces gradully but your blood sugar reduces immediately.
Weight reduction gets rid of all the other problems because of excessive weight.
AND the best part is you do not have to visit the gym or go for morning walks and run.

Penta1979 said...

Tough act Sirjee, but worth a try.